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New School Set Up

We provide guidance in planning and set up of a new school, right from scratch, till it reaches a succesful educational venture that is sustainable. Some elements of teacher and student training must necessarily be combined with it for optimal results.

Teacher Training

Our teacher training programme, covers the whole gamut of activities of a teacher in a classroom, starting with yearly curriculum plan to assessments and reporting. It also includes teacher leadership, emotional intelligence, thinking skills development, etc. Each topic under this will be done in detail. Schools may select specific topics as per the requirement.

Student Training

Student training covers areas of personal development that help them to maximise their potential. This includes study skills, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, thinking skills, self-discipline, and all the soft skills.

Model United Nations

Students will be given guidance about MUN, and how a student can function effectively as a member of the UN that the he/she represents.

School Accreditation

School accreditation, apart from giving a stamp of quality, also ensures that the school systems are tuned for efficient and effective functioning. NABET accreditation for schools requires some effort from all stake holders of the school.

Safety & Security

In the present context, safety and security at school is of prime importance. This covers physical safety and emotional and psychological well-being.

School Automation

In this age of digitisation, it is convenient and cost-effective to have software that takes care of routine work with less chance of errors. We can analyse your requirement to develop appropriate software for the school.

Canteen Set Up

These days parents are keen that children have hot, freshly prepared, nutritious food at school. Setting up a good canteen for the purpose can be done with proper planning, using our knowledge and experience.

Online Teaching

The basics of online teaching has become important since the spread of covid19. Understanding how to teach effectively online, can help the teachers in imparting education better using the net. There are many finer points that can help in making online teaching effective, using the appropriate technology and right teachniques.