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About Us

About Us

We are a small team, with experience of over 30 years in the field of education in reputed boarding schools like The Lawrence School, Lovedale, Ooty, Welham Boys, Dehradun, Wasatch Academy, Utah, USA, as well as small town day schools like The Golden Jubilee School, Jalna. Our core interest, is in the best possible, and ever-evolving methods of learning and growth of all aspects of a child. We have spent years in education exploring, experimenting with, and implementing various pedagogies from around the world. We wish to impart the most effective solutions in the current scenario in education, for future generations; and this has led us to create Advanced Educational Techniques, a consultancy with customized solutions for every school.


To constantly upgrade our knowledge and provide guidance and training to the main stake holders in school education - teachers, parents, students and school administrators - in the best practices to enhance the quality of education and overall development of students.


Conceive and create effective educational systems that will be futuristic, keeping in tune with developments in technology and pedagogy, and emerging needs.

Journey Ahead

Though there has been widespread talk about improving the quality of education, and some progress has been made in that direction, there is still a requirement for on-going teacher training and constant audit of school performance. It is common among schools to have experts conduct training programs, but with no follow up later. This training becomes ineffective because ‘unless internalized through practice, assessment and review, learning does not stick.’

We believe that schools and teachers should be exposed and trained in the ever-evolving, yet well established, ‘best practices’, to achieve the goals of education. We believe that schools should be deeply involved in action-research to create ‘best practices’ relevant for that school. We should look at emerging technology, developments in the field of cognition and psycho-social developments and use them to create effective teaching-learning processes.

We believe that schools should have a personal coach and consultant like many of us have family physicians, so that auditing and guiding becomes relevant and easier. It is our endeavour to have links with a limited number of schools for the holistic development of the school.

That is not to say that we would not be providing guidance to other schools, teachers, parents and students who require our help, but our focus would be more on schools that believe in a sustained effort to improve the quality of education.

Also, we would be particularly interested in providing guidance in building a school from scratch till it becomes educationally sustainable.